For 1000s of years our lack of understanding blocked our ability to take care of our physical health.Leeches, blood letting and being helped to endure ill health were common responses. Even 100 years ago the 10 physiological systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, renal... etc) that are monitored continually in physical health weren't understood as vital for our wellbeing. And surgeons weren't routinely washing their hands before or between operations.

Understanding and strengthening the 7 emotional systems (7ES) are just as vital for health and wellbeing. Without this knowledge, we are responding to symptoms out of context, and even enduring what might be straightforward to resolve. We don't have to endure emotional blocks or patterns of symptoms that ill-informed psychiatric organisations have endlessly listed and grouped into 'disorders' as their contribution to a failed paradigm.

Just as exercise strengthens our muscles, our heart, our circulation and our lungs... so too can we exercise and strengthen our emotional systems.Just as we can recognise blocks that get in the way of how we look after ourselves, so too, can blocks get in the way of us strengthening our 7ES. Myths and beliefs about emotions being weak are a good example of a block - would we go to the gym if this indicated weakness?Just as doing exercise is a sign of strength, so too emotional capacity building are a gift for yourself, your future, and the people and planet you love.

Together we can move away from the dangerous ideas of the past.... emotions aren't weak, they aren't a sign of disorder or pathology...

Be part of the future, a future where symptoms are a sign of what happened to us, not what is wrong with us.Where emotional systems are given the value and attention they deserve. Where building your emotional strength, awareness and capacity is as important as your knowledge of your physical well being... and not as an add on or just for those who are moving towards high performance , but for everyone.

The 7 emotional systems are the primary systems directing your behaviour.

They are innate and constantly present in us, just as much as our ability to see when we open our eyes, pick up changes in sound waves via our ears, and feel temperature change and touch via our skin.

When an emotional system is activated a corresponding feeling can be experienced, which gives us direction, motivation and clarity to respond to the situations we find ourselves in.In brief, the emotional systems that have been identified across animal species so far are:

– Follow our urge to seek and find so we meet our needs – SEEKING system

– To create safety and respond to danger when it approaches – SAFETY/FEAR system

– Assert and set limits about our physical and emotional needs – ASSERTIVENESS / RAGE system

– Experience pleasure and sexual desire – FEELS GOOD / LUST system

– Connect with others, identify and prevent loss of connection, as well as grieve our loses and connect again – CONNECTION / GRIEF system

– Build relationships with careful and close attention – CARE system

– Learn and develop by playing - rambunctiously, spontaneously, without expectations or judgement – PLAY system

They don't switch off, and we don't get to choose their presence in our life.

All these systems are working for you right now and your responses to each system activating will be impacted by your past experience and your future hopes. Come to our webinars and you will learn direclty that your emotional capability is as malleable and plastic as your physical capability.... and that increased emotional capacity readies you for everything that life will bring.