What emotional systems?

Our emotional systems ensure we survive and thrive. We don't need to decide to use them - they are automatic. The systems that save us from dangers and move us towards what we need, evolution has ensured that they can be far outside of our awareness even as they direct our decisions and our lives.

This course gives you increased access to your emotional systems - helps you bring what is happening outside your awareness into your understanding, so you can more effectively direct your choices and direct your life.

Anxiety, guilt, shame, and ingrained unhelpful habits are likely to build when our emotional systems are blocked, dismissed or disconnected. If you are experiencing these - you too can see how increasing your awareness of your emotional systems can reduce them. Try our anxiety course if you need to tackle this directly though!

Course Contents

  Building your understanding
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  Learning about the emotional systems
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  Sensing your internal experience
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  Activating your Emotional Systems
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  Undoing blocks directly
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  Activating brain systems
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As you build your awareness of your deep innate emotional systems, you connect more with the experiences happening around you.

Why? Because an authentic internal connection is in relationship with the world - the people and places, and the happenings in the present.

Collecting important data is best done:

including live present moment experience

valuing past experiences

being curious about multiple future possibilities.

Our fear system can bias us significantly - prioritising past experiences and specific future predictions. We need to also check in with the here and now - have current conditions changed but our fear system is staying in the past?

How do they solve the challenges we face?

What are the seven solutions to the problems of living?

Activate and get to know your emotional systems!

The only way to truly learn about emotional systems is to activate them! This is the basics course, with a whole range of learning tools within. We give you information, share emotional mindfulness exercises and give you the chance to remove blocks that are getting in your way - this might be emotional blocks like "I don't deserve this" or behavioural blocks or habits like "I can't do this". With this course you will find your emotional systems are broadly activated and your learning will be deepened across many areas of your life!

This course takes you on a journey to get to know and activate your emotional systems, so your innate solutions to the problems in your life can become more available to you. If you aren't sure you mind much about healthy functioning emotional systems, it is helpful to consider that just like your immune system and your respiratory system - they are present inside you, they are completely innate, not chosen by you. Your only choice is whether you engage and work with them... and unfortunately, they easily work against you if ignored!

Just as you can see when you open your eyes, pick up changes in sound waves via your ears, and feel temperature change and touch via your skin. When your emotional systems are activated a corresponding feeling can be experienced, giving direction, motivation and clarity to respond to the situations you find yourself in and the daily problems of life. If someone treats you badly, we have a natural emotional response to this, we can 'decide' it doesn't effect us, and doesn't matter, but the emotional system has still been activated. The culmulative effect over many years - anything from alcohol problems to back pain, relationship difficulties to irritable bowel syndrome. Want to unlock your emotional capacity? Ready to be your emotionally fittest? It's time to activate your emotional systems and live your life, with contentment and to your fullest potential.

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Respectful health warning...

These exercises are designed to stimulate your emotional systems. As with any emotional process you consent to experiencing - a sad film, a heated discussion, a therapy session or reading antagonistic tweets - you are responsible for regulating yourself so you don't get overwhelmed or act out.

This content, unlike some emotional experiences, will be respectful of you and your capability throughout. We have been careful to pace the exercises and produce thoughtful material. We are not, however, for what happens to you as a result of listening, watching and engaging. Your amazing emotional systems, just like your immune system or nervous system, are inside you and are innately programmed to solve the problems of living.Here, we encourage you to have a balanced diet of curiosity, safety, assertion, care, connection, feeling good and play. If you focus on just one system, you are more likely to experience more problems. Ultimately, it is your choice how you engage with this course, and by purchasing this product you are taking full responsibility for the impact and outcome.