For all professionals interested in Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems in Therapy. Whether you are new to this paradigm, a trainee or a seasoned CIMBS practitioner, it would be great to have you join the club. We will talk about the book, section by section; and we have collated CIMBS resources to support your practice, learning journey and deliberate practicing.

In this course you will find

  • Patient leaflets
  • Infographics
  • CIMBS session overviews
  • Frequent themes for therapists
  • Initial directed activation transcripts

All created by CIMBS creators or CIMBS enthusiasts. We will keep this area up to date with new resources as they become available to share widely.

In addition, together the book club members will plan some deliberate practice and video events to deepen the immersion in this incredible therapeutic paradigm.

Infographics to share with your clients
Infographics to share with your clients

Transcript of an interview with Beatriz Sheldon
Fascinating interviews to give you new insights

Deliberate practice exercise
Deliberate practice exercises ensure theory moves into clinical practice.

CIMBS creators

Terry & Beatriz Sheldon

Albert (Terry) Sheldon M.D. Is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle and has taught psychotherapy for 20 years. He has trained in and practiced many therapeutic modalities, including CBT, EMDR, hypnosis, group therapy, psychodynamic, mindfulness, and -most extensively – Intensive Short- Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Beatriz Winstanley MEd.Psych has practiced psychotherapy in Vancouver, & Seattle for 25 years and trained and supervised clinical counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists for the past 10 years.

Now in collaboration, they have developed this new paradigm in psychotherapy Complex Integration Of Multiple Brain Systems. This approach integrates recent neuroscience research on neuroplasticity, brain development, and therapeutic change.

Online courses created by Dr Jessica Bolton

In these courses, The Sheldons have teamed up with Dr Jessica Bolton to bring CIMBS to a wider audience and to increase the learning opportunities available.

Dr. Jessica Bolton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Experiential Dynamic Therapist, Supervisor & Trainer. With twenty years of clinical and teaching experience across university, public and independent healthcare settings, she is pioneering innovative ways of bringing experiential training and emotional learning to the widest audience possible.

Course Curriculum

  Information sheets for therapists
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  Deliberate practice to build your clinical skills
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  Leaflets and infographics for patients
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  Embodiment: being non-verbal out loud.
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