Ready to become emotionally fitter?

We all know that physical exercise is vital for keeping fit and healthy... but just as vital is paying attention to our emotional health.

Being emotionally aware and able to change our state to fit the task at hand is a vital skill in managing the day to day demands of our life. 

Emotional High Intensity Interval Training is an active mindfulness programme created to activate, exercise and strengthen you. It builds your ability to stay present even in the context of emotionally challenging situations. 

We have seven emotional systems that give us innate responses to the challenges of living. We have systems inside us that help us seek to find and get our needs met, or to move to safety when danger is near. However, the experiences we have can put these systems off balance - a little or a lot. We can approach danger instead of safety, we might stop being curious about the world around us.

These exercises help activate your emotional systems, give you insight into your responses, help you see these more clearly and give you opportunity to practice and strengthen the systems you are interested in. We give you the opportunity to investigate yourself in a completely new way.

Respectful health warning

These exercises are designed to stimulate your emotional systems. As with any emotional process you consent to experiencing - a sad film, a heated discussion, a therapy session or reading antagonistic tweets - you are responsible for regulating yourself so you don't get overwhelmed or act out.

This content, unlike some emotional experiences, will be respectful of you and your capability throughout. We have been careful to pace the exercises and produce thoughtful material. We are not responsible, however, for what happens to you as a result of listening, watching and engaging. Your amazing emotional systems, just like your immune system or nervous system, are inside you and are innately programmed to solve the problems of living.

Here, we encourage you to have a balanced diet of curiosity, safety, assertion, care, connection, feeling good and play. If you focus on just one system, you are more likely to experience more problems. Ultimately, it is your choice how you engage with this course, and by signing up for this product you are taking full responsibility for the impact and outcome.

What can you learn?

  • What EHIIT is and how to approach it

  • What works (and what doesn't)

  • The importance of resting

  • How to find your unique learning edge

  • Short EHIIT activations

  • How to maximise effectiveness of EHIIT

  • EHIIT examples

  • In-depth exercises for each emotional system

As you strengthen your deep innate emotional systems, you connect more effectively with the experiences happening around you. 

Emotional systems are within you - in your body and mind, they are in constant relationship with the world around you, taking in information about reality and using past experiences to guide your present and planned behaviours.

A fear system can bias us significantly - prioritising past experiences and specific future predictions. But we need to also check in with the here and now - have current conditions changed with our fear system is staying in the past?

Millions of years of evolution has helped prioritise danger as a key learning experience - one that can overrule all others. Pausing this survival instinct as appropriate so you can thriv is what we want to help you with.