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million years old!

Emotional systems help us survive and thrive.

Emotional systems are as innate as our ability to see when we open your eyes, pick up changes in sound waves via our ears, and feel temperature change and touch via our skin.

So these courses are designed to help you learn about, activate and connect with the core emotions that you have and need to live well and thrive. It is a simple fact that you can’t create a life worth living if you avoid how you feel. Here we focus on the seven primary emotional systems, some that are older than the dinosaurs (like SEEKING, ASSERT/RAGE, SAFETY/FEAR, FEELS GOOD), and some are common to all mammals (CARE, CONNECTION/GRIEF and PLAY). These emotional systems have played a role in life for millions of years because they are all necessary for surviving and thriving.

Our innovative courses teach you about and activate your emotions

You can ‘choose your own adventure’, taking the lectures and doing the practices that interest you or you can follow the route that our interactive design guides you on.

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