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Covering - MindBody, Emotional Systems, Learning Zone and Being Present

Created by Dr Jessica Bolton

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Last updated: June 2020

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Dr Jessica Bolton

A woman on a mission to challenge the culture of burying emotional experiences. She passionately believes that a world where people fully embrace their emotions would be a more effective, safe and environmentally secure place. Over the past 20 years as a clinical psychologist, she has deepened her understanding of the Emotional Systems and incorporated them into all of her clinical and therapeutic work.

Jess works enthusiastically to help people meet, activate and strengthen their emotional systems in order to live an emotionally fulfilling life. She set up ConnectionStudio to bring online learning, workshops, therapeutic treatments and immersive retreats to individuals, businesses and organisations.

"I do all that I do to challenge the culture of burying emotional experiences; of rational over emotional, thinking over feeling. I believe that a world where people fully embrace their emotions would be a more effective, safe and environmentally secure place. These systems are at the heart of all that we do, whether we admit it or not, and without awareness, we can really fail to make the best use of all that they can bring us. These courses are designed to bring your emotional systems to life, because the only way of learning about emotional systems is to experience them internally and become aware of their expression all around us."


Welcome to our free resources. We update and add to these resources as we release more into the world. These free resources were inspired by wanting to honour those who don't do social media - so there is a way to access our infographics without having to follow instagram or facebook etc. So sign up for them now and what is available will grow over time. There is an option to go our own mailing list - we absolutely don't spam you or ever ever share your email with anyone else. So rest assured that by saying yes to marketing - you are saying yes to, in the main, monthly correspondence .

Inside - infographics, short videos and downloadable stuff we promise is helpful in it's own right! Covering:

  • MindBody
  • Learning Zones
  • Emotional systems
  • Being present
  • Dynamic model of change
  • Dropping the disorder
  • Connect with yourself
  • Connect with others
  • Conenct with your world
  • And more

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